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Cold Weather, Add Moisture

With extreme temperatures fluctuating, it is important to take care of your pet’s skin and fur. These changes can create dry, itchy and flaky skin. When Mother Nature is at work, adding moisture back into your pets coat is vital.  Using high quality shampoo helps nourish and replenish dry and dull coats. Adding a conditioning rinse or conditioning sprays after a shampoo will also revitalize your pet’s skin and coat while replenishing moisture to the skin and adding luster and shine to the coat.

In addition, when the air is cool and dry, static electricity is common, especially with pets. Adding moisture, such as a conditioning spray, helps reduce static in your pets’s fur and can alleviate the small uncomfortable shocks that pets can receive. John Paul Pet offers a variety of conditioning rinses and sprays, made from the highest quality ingredients and botanicals, to help hydrate your pet’s skin and coat this winter.  Incorporating one of John Paul Pet’s four Conditioning Sprays (Oatmeal, Tea Tree, Wild Ginger and Lavender Mint) into your grooming routine will calm, sooth, moisturize and replenish your pet’s dry unruly coats. Taking good care of your pets’ hygiene will not only improve their look but their overall health as well.

“Rinses clean and easily out. No need for conditioner for ridgeback/boxer. When he dries out he is super soft and smells awesome. Not heavily perfumed but clean aroma. Been using it for 6 years now — never had dry skin since using this product.”


“I have a Bichon/Shih Tzu and he gets at least one or two baths a week from just being a dirty dog and has never dried his skin out, I have used this for 7 years now and it always cleans the dog and never dries their skin, even with 5+ baths a month.”

- Dustin

“Have always used this brand, as my vet recommends it and uses it, and my cats seem to be happy with it. It suds up nicely so you know if you have rinsed them enough. It also does a good job of mildly lifting the dust and dirt without taking out too much of their natural oils.”

- Ematarese

“My tiny dogs have sensitive skin and get bathed frequently. Out of the many shampoos I have tried, this is the only one that doesn’t make them itch. I like it because it does a good job, rinses well and leaves their coats smooth and tangle free.”

- TechDiva

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