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To Cut or Not To Cut?

To Cut or Not To Cut?

As summer approaches, dog owners debate whether they should clip or not clip their pets’ fur. In fact, the length of your pet’s coat isn’t the only factor that should determine if your pet needs a hair cut. It is important to see the condition of the coat as well as the pet owner’s willingness to devote time to caring for his/her pet’s coat. Daily brushing and combing is key to keeping your pet’s coat healthy and mat/tangle free. Long-haired pets can be comfortable in higher temperatures as long as their coats are well groomed: brushed and cleaned. Fur can actually keep a dog cool because it acts as insulation against the heat. “After the undercoat has been shed, the outer coat provides insulation from the heat and protection from the sun. It is always best to talk with your veterinarian and groomer about your particular pet’s needs. Together, you can determine what would be best for your pet.  

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