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Tested on Humans First

Tested on Humans First

John Paul Pet Awapoochi Shampoo & Awapoochi Conditioning Rinse
John Paul Pet’s super-conditioning Awapoochi line combines the goodness and benefits of famous Hawaiian Awapuhi with botanical extracts that gently nourish and replenish pet’s dull, dry coats. Awapoochi Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse with Shine Memory are our most luxurious products. They renew the shine and luster of your pet’s coat between grooming by simply brushing. Awapoochi products are Paraben and EDTA-free, which means it’s also more gentle for your pets AWAPOOCHI SHAMPOO AND AWAPOOCHI CONDITIONING RINSE  WITH SHINE MEMORY cleans and moisturizes the coat and, creates luxurious lather with essential oils and conditioners. Awapoochi wild ginger root extract adds moisture and shine, with jojoba seed oil, aloe, and panthenol to condition. Rosemary extract aids in the retention of shine.

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