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Special Grooming Tips for our Senior Cats

Special Grooming Tips for our Senior Cats

Cats take much pride in their hygiene. But as cats age, it may become more and more difficult for cats to groom themselves. Flexibility and agility may decrease and senior cats may not be able to reach harder places to clean, such as things, flanks and posterior. Therefore, on a regular (or an as needed basis), senior cats may need help. Try using John Paul Pet Full Body & Paw wipes to assist in cleaning those difficult to reach areas cats. In addition, older cats with long hair may develop mats and furballs. A regular brushing with a good conditioning spray like Instant Detangling Spray can assist with getting out mats. Often times a thorough bath may be necessary when grooming senior cats. Create a positive environment by bathing her in warm water and a good cat shampoo, such as John Paul Pet Super Bright. This will bring the shine and brightness back to her coat. Lastly, special attention may be required for older cat’s teeth and claws. With changes in their lifestyle, senior cats may no longer be able to care appropriately for their teeth and claws.  Cleaning her teeth and trimming her claws may be needed more frequently. Helping older cats with good hygiene is an excellent way to show that you care.

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