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Picking the Perfect Pet

Picking the Perfect Pet

Hello animal-lovers!  This month I want to offer some information on how you and your family might choose the right pet for your household.  It is important that the process of selecting the family dog involves a great deal of researching and soul-searching.  One factor to consider is the age of your family members.  For example, if you have children younger than seven, a puppy or a toy-sized dog is typically not the best bet as puppies can unintentional injure a small child. Toy dogs are also very touch-sensitive and their bones can break easily compared to lager boned, mellower canines.  Elderly or physically challenged individuals are also not well suited for energetic adolescent dogs.  When considering adopting a dog, also explore what family member is going to be the primary caretaker, often times a child is made responsible when in fact it is more helpful for one parent to oversee and make sure the pet is properly cared for. Lastly, consider the amount of money it will cost not only for adoption but also veterinary care, toys, food, grooming, miscellaneous supplies, and unexpected emergencies.  In summary, a pet is a huge commitment and far too many innocent animals are surrendered to the overflowing shelters.  So choose your pet carefully and they will bring your family an enormous amount of love and happiness. Check out Cooper, A Rescue Dog’s Tale to help introduce children and families to the process and benefits of adopting a pet. Cooper: A Rescue Dog’s Tale coloring and activity book is a heartwarming and fun story. It follows Cooper, a rescue pup on his quest for a forever home. The rhyming story, beautiful illustrations, and fun-filled activities will help educate people on how to aid in the rescue of pets.

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