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Our most luxurious shampoo incorporates Shine Memory, to reactivate the shine in your pet’s coat. Awapoochi Shampoo is a unique formula of Hawaiian Awapuhi extract and our exotic botanical blend that continues to bring back the shine for several days after the initial shampooing by simply brushing. Awapoochi is the only shampoo available with Shine Memory and it is Paraben and EDTA-free, which means it’s also more gentle for your pets.



"After trying Awapoochi I can honestly say that I have never experienced such great moisturizing results from any other pet shampoo I have used. I have tried countless brands since I am a professional pet groomer and am always trying new products. Awapoochi left the coat of the dogs shiny & soft to the touch, the fragrance was mild which is a must since so many pets suffer from skin allergies as well as owners that may be sensitive to fragrances. I feel it is the most complete pet shampoo covering all the wants & needs of pets and their humans."

- Nikki, OC Mobile Pet Salon


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What our customers are saying:

I also want to thank you for making such a great product. I adopted a Puppy Mill breading mother - a golden and I can't tell you how badly she smelled from the horrible conditions she had lived in. The oatmeal shampoo really helped and brushing in the oatmeal leave in condition was the the first relaxing thing I was able to do for her.

~ Sarah S.