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Is Your Pet Ready to Go to Work with You?

Is Your Pet Ready to Go to Work with You?

How friendly is your pet? Is he or she the kind of animal who is docile no matter the situation or the person? Or is he or she easily excitable—even aggressive—when dealing with new places and faces. If your animal is the former, they might be a good example to help persuade your workplace to adopt a pet-friendly policy. Pet-friendly policies aren’t as easy as “Yes, please bring your animal to work!” They involve multiple steps and considerations to protect not only the workplace, but the people and animals in it. Those policies must put in place parameters about your pet’s current health as well as what you are expected to do to care for the animal while it’s in the office. That includes everything from drinking sources to where the animal can go to the bathroom. Even if you have the friendliest pet on the planet, two things might make a pet-friendly policy more difficult. One is people who bring unhealthy animals to work, and the other is what your local or state government says about pets in the office. Whatever the rules, issues, or discussions, this graphic can help work through the complex issues related to pet-friendly offices.  

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