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Old Dogs Rule … and cats do too!

Old Dogs Rule … and cats do too!

Greetings, fellow pet lovers!  The holiday season is upon us which often generates a nationwide surge in pet adoptions.  If you’re one of many planning to welcome a four-legged friend into the fam this year, consider adopting a senior pet!  Dogs over age five are often passed over and because of overcrowded shelters they tend to be the first euthanized.  Sadly, these older pets end up losing their homes for a variety of reasons that typically have little to do with their behavior and more to do with their owners being unable to keep them.  What’s great is senior dogs are often trained in basic commands and they can certainly learn new tricks because they have a longer attention span than a puppy.  Plus, older dogs tend to be calmer and they already have their adult teeth, making them less prone to destroy things in your home.  A senior pet makes a terrific workout buddy, a loyal friend, and an excellent nighttime snuggler, so go ahead and adopt one from your local animal shelter today!

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