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Cool Tips for the Summer Heat

Cool Tips for the Summer Heat

Summer is officially here. Temperatures are on the rise and many are being drawn outdoors with their pets. Spending time outdoor is healthy, fun and creates a special bond between pets and their owners. Although warmer temperatures do require a little extra precautions. It is important to keep our pets cool and well hydrated. Here are a few tips to keep your pets cool during the summer sweltering heat: • Limiting sun exposure to pets during the hottest times of the day. • Never leave your pets in a parked car. The temperatures in cars can often be 20-40 degrees higher than the temperatures outside.  • Prevent sunburns by applying sunscreen to your pets’ nose and ears.  Ask your veterinarian for an appropriate brand of sunscreen to use on your pets. Remember short haired dogs and pets with pink skin and white hair need to take extra precaution in the sun. • Test the sidewalk or street on your bare feet before taking pets on a walk. • Do strenuous activities during early morning or late evening hours when temperatures are cooler. Rest and hydrate as needed. Limit activity to 20 minutes or less. For more information about ways to beat the summer heat, check out the Pet’s America website

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