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“What can I REALLY do to help animals in need?”

“What can I REALLY do to help animals in need?”

Hello Pet lovers!   I often get asked the question, “What can I REALLY do to help animals in need”? This month I want to share some ways you can make a difference in the lives of homeless and lost/found pets.  For starters, connect with our Facebook based John Paul Pet “PALS” clubs. We now have  a page dedicated for every US state and several Canadian provinces as well. Secondly, become an animal advocate and spread the word on animal issues!  Write letters, post flyers, maybe even encourage your office to implement dog-friendly policies.  Make attempts to purchase cruelty-free cosmetics and household products and stand with us in applauding pet stores that have taken as stand against puppy mills.  Lastly, and truly the most rewarding, you can save a life by adopting a pet from a local animal shelter or rescue group.

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