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Adding A Pup or Kitty for Christmas?

Adding A Pup or Kitty for Christmas?

Happy holidays, animal enthusiasts! Many of you are thinking about adding a new pet to the family this season but wonder how it might affect the dog you already have at home. Well for starters, size needs to be taken into account. A playful dog that is also quite large can result in unintentional injuries and definitely requires some extra supervision. Keep in mind temperament and energy levels as well; for instance, two assertive dogs can be explosive and a chill dog will most certainly become annoyed by an overly rambunctious canine. Grooming is another important consideration, if you’re current dog is high maintenance perhaps a shorthaired canine would be a better choice the second time around. Whichever dog you choose, while they’re still getting to know each other, it’s best to feed them separately and to have plenty of toys to go around. Remember, two dogs are seldom easier than one but the rewards are immeasurable when you train and manage for success.

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